How will CTV affect Global Market in 2023?


In 2023, experts anticipate that the global market for CTV will continue its growth. Increasing adoption of streaming services and a growing number of connected devices will drive the global market for CTV to an estimated 14.4% by 2023, according to some industry estimates. Projected to be a major driver of the market’s growth are […]

Google Tag Manager – How does it help in tracking?

google tag manager

Google Tag Manager is a tool that helps you manage measurement codes and tags on your website or mobile app, making it easy to make changes quickly and efficiently. Discover Google Tag Manager’s advantages and how it will simplify tracking with the help of this article. What is GTM – Google Tag Manager? (GTM), an […]

What is the Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform is an integrated ad technology platform that gives advertisers and agencies the ability to plan, execute and build successful digital marketing campaigns. Google Marketing Platform incorporates top-notch solutions to assist buyers in managing comprehensive campaigns across many platforms.    For businesses that produce and market online advertising possibilities, portal products offer inventory […]

Programmatic DOOH – A Trend

Consumers of today are always connected, whether they are at home, at work, or anywhere else. The OOH industry has been developing fresh concepts and reinventing itself to increase its influence in the pDOOH and DOOH channels. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is another way to reach consumers through digital media. Because of the expansion of […]

Ad Networks Vs Ad Exchange

Ad network vs Ad exchange

The programmatic advertising ecosystem consists of two parts: Ad networks and Ad exchanges. People often use them interchangeably because of their role in media buying. This essay will assist you in avoiding confusion. Ad networks and Ad exchanges function differently and serve diverse purposes within the advertising ecosystem, sharing a similar goal. To dispel misconception, […]

Campaign Manager 360 – Explained

Campaign Manager 360 is a single tool for campaign planning, creative design and management, audience data organization and application, inventory acquisition and purchase, measurement, and campaign optimization. Your digital audiences on mobile and the web can be engaged with Google Campaign Manager 360, utilizing a single platform with potent targeting, reporting, and ad delivery tools. […]

Google Search ads vs Search Ads 360

A platform called Google Adverts (formerly known as Google AdWords) makes it possible to handle paid text ads on the Google Search Engine. Advertisers can use this platform to reach the right audiences at the right moment. With its relatively simple capabilities, Google Search Ads makes it simple for anyone to handle sponsored search campaigns […]

SEO vs SEM: Understand the Differences

Paid and organic search results are the two primary subcategories of Google’s search results. Google’s algorithm incorporates many ranking factors. SEO aims to position your website. PPC is another way to get your website listed in the paid section of the search results. SEM focuses on driving traffic through paid advertisements, whereas SEO is more […]

Private Marketplace and Programmatic Direct

For the most seasoned marketers, the online advertising sector is crowded with a variety of media-buying strategies, making it more and more challenging to understand. Phrases like real-time bidding private marketplace and programmatic direct are all included in the programmatic category, it is important to keep in mind that they refer to very diverse ideas. […]

Google Ads vs. DV360: Key Differences

Google offers its advertisers the opportunity to run display ads with two of its products using the Google Display Network (GDN)—Google Ads and DV360. Google Ads & DV360 are two effective platforms from Google to buy inventory on different publishing websites. Let us dive deep into Google Ads vs. DV360 today! What is Google Ads? Google […]