Definition: Invalid Traffic (IVT)


Invalid traffic also known as IVT are the malicious bots, views and clicks on ads that increases conversion numbers resulting inflation on advertiser’s cost.

As publishers pay third-party audiences to artificially boost their traffic numbers, these bots take control of this audience and increase the conversion As the network expands so does the probability to put a negative remark on the impression quality.

Invalid Traffic includes:

  • Impression or clicks generated by publishers clicking their own live ads
  • Users clicking on the same ad multiple times
  • Automated clicking tools, robots or software 

Different Types of Invalid Traffic:

General Invalid Traffic (GIVT): In short, GIVT is the simple bots which can easily be detected and are not meant to be malicious.

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT): Sophisticated invalid traffic is good at evading detection as they mirror human behaviour. To get rid of them u need an advanced bot detection tool.

Source: Google

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 Tools used for Bot management solutions

Akamai: Akamai bot manager has more than 240,000 servers and they are located around the world, giving customers the best service. When users connect to the application using the Akamai server, the bot manager detects and manages all bots.

Radware: This bot manager is the most comprehensive bot protection that you will get for mobile apps, web applications and API. It helps in protecting from various account takeovers, including denial of Inventory, card fraud DDoS, web scraping and more.

Shield Square: A critical API-based bot management solution made for detection, elimination and management of bot traffic from mobile apps, websites.

Instart: It also allows its user to investigate and respond to attacks in real time.

BitNinja.io: BitNinja.io has a tough defence network which ensures its users are protected from every attack.

Alibaba Cloud: As we all know Alibaba is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the internet. But what most people are not aware of is they also provide solutions for IVT. Alibaba Cloud anti-bot service is ideal for online scalping, core API exploitation and much more.

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