Google Search ads vs Search Ads 360

A platform called Google Adverts (formerly known as Google AdWords) makes it possible to handle paid text ads on the Google Search Engine. Advertisers can use this platform to reach the right audiences at the right moment.

With its relatively simple capabilities, Google Search Ads makes it simple for anyone to handle sponsored search campaigns (budget management, ad creation, conversion tracking, integration with Google Analytics etc.).

The paid Google product called Search Ads 360 elevates the advertiser’s SEA campaign management to a new level. The ability to distribute adverts across many search networks is one of this platform’s differentiating qualities. 

What is Search Ads 360?

The SA360 platform makes it possible to handle SEA campaigns effectively by distributing them over multiple search engines.

The application also has reporting capabilities, which are more detailed for more precise campaign tracking.

The solution is natively integrated with Google Marketing Platform (it is a part of the latter), allowing all campaigns to be managed on a single platform.

Google Ads VS Search Ads 360  

Now that you’ve got all the characteristics of SA360, let’s look at some of the ways it differs from Google Ads together.

Distribution of ads on several search networks

You may design and manage campaigns simultaneously across many search networks with SA360. This makes it possible to create reports related to those networks. 

The search engines that work together include Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu.

On the other hand, Google Ads only permit distribution on its affiliated networks and partners.

Cross Channel Remarketing  

You may build remarketing lists using SA360 from users who click on your display and social network ads as well as your search engine ads. This option is applicable to all SA360-compliant search engines where you place your adverts.

Creation of Reports

You may evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising and keywords using the “Campaign” tab built into SA360. Pages under this tab provide you with an overview of performances and trends. You can also get your summary graphics through it. In a nutshell, the reports are practical and simple to create.

Optimization of bids and generation of ads

You may evaluate how well your advertising and keywords are doing using the “Campaign” option built into SA360. A preview of performances and trends can be found on these pages under this banner. Access to your summary visuals is another feature of this. In a nutshell, the reports are straightforward to prepare and use.

Why use Search Ads 360?

Source: Google

Advanced Features

Floodlight Tag: SA360, enables you to use floodlight, the conversion tracking tool for the Google Marketing Platform. The system is tag-based, allowing you to track user activity on your website and it has tools for creating reports. Floodlight among other things enables the addition of conversion statistics to reports.

Inventory Management: In Search Ads 360 creates SEA campaigns automatically using data from the inventory stream. The platform updates the campaign as inventory is changed to prevent, for example, advertising.

Auction-Time Bidding: On Search Ads 360, a new bidding method is now available: auction-time bidding. The sophisticated Google Ads algorithms that bid on search phrases are combined with the other signals covered by Search Ads 360.

Consolidated attribution models: You can create customized or data-driven attribution models with search ads 360. These models are produced in Google Analytics and Campaign Manager using attribution models that are directly drawn from your data.

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