Programmatic Monetization

Programmatic Monetization.

Programmatic advertising has sparked a revolution in digital advertising, guaranteeing publishers optimize monetization efficiently while ensuring advertisers achieve maximum value for their investments. Real-time optimization driven by comprehensive data analysis is the most intelligent and practical advertising method.

Website Monetization

Maximize your website’s traffic conversion into revenue effortlessly with eRGADX’s top-notch services. Leverage cutting-edge technology and trending strategies like pay-per-click and cost-per-impression to optimize website monetization formats, boosting revenue and enhancing fill rates—partner with us to unlock new avenues for growth and profitability.


  • Right place for advertisement with minimal risk of malvertisement.
  • Place relevant high performing ad formats into your content.
  • Show Ads from direct advertisers and major DSPs.
  • Follow statistics in real-time and optimize monetization
  • Exchange ads with other app developers for free.

App Monetization

eRGADX offers a robust foundation for building a thriving app business that excels both in the short and long term. Our adaptable solution is designed specifically to cater to your requirements. With the eRGADX in-app advertising platform, you can optimize your revenue potential through a unified auction across all your demand sources. Increase your earnings with unparalleled demand diversity.



  • Fast growth of apps ensures better revenue
  • Assured high inventories with our unbiased unified auction
  • Ultimate control, transparency, and flexibility
  • Non-Monotonous and innovative
  • No risk of being held back by ad blockers

Video Monetization

In today’s advertising landscape, monetizing video advertisements is paramount for every advertiser, particularly given the surge in the usage of OTT platforms across diverse generations globally, making it an ideal medium. eRGADX is committed to driving consistency through creativity, aiming to enhance your brand presence and the revenue generated from it.



  • Innumerable possibilities with wide range of audience
  • Compatibility across devices
  • Maximize revenue with increased audience
  • Ad content management made easy and flexible
  • Boosts the brand and fuels strategies for product placement

Header Bidding

eRGADX empowers you to elevate your website’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating the latest header bidding technology. This cutting-edge approach proves highly lucrative for publishers, driving up auction rates and delivering superior returns on investment. Compared to the traditional waterfall method, header bidding offers significantly higher profitability.


  • Sophisticated technology
  • Increased reach and page latency
  • Increased demand sources
  • Manageable with ease
  • Higher Returns on Investment


eRGADX offers a cutting-edge platform for programmatic monetization through Real-Time Bidding (RTB), facilitating publishers in efficiently targeting their audience and enhancing the credibility of their ad inventories. With our automated processes, you experience unparalleled growth by maximizing demand for your publishing platform. Join eRGADX now to elevate your revenue potential and propel your business to new heights.


  • Fully automated and less risky
  • Scalable – analyse data with ease
  • Better targeting and performance
  • Improved pricing and sales
  • Higher ROI and eCPM


Backfilling, in simple terms, involves utilizing unsold ad spaces. Despite advertisers seeking every opportunity to promote their products and services, publishers may still have vacant ad slots. In such cases, we employ various technologies to ensure that no ad space goes unused, maximizing the utilization of available inventory.



  • Optimum use of ad spaces
  • Alleviates unused ad slots
  • 100% fill rates
  • Automated distribution on-demand basis
  • Associate premium ad networks

“Embrace the Future of Advertising: Step into Programmatic Advertising Today! Discover smarter, quicker, and more impactful ad placements. Begin now and witness the transformative power of real-time optimization for your business.”


Programmatic monetization refers to the automated buying and selling of digital advertising space in real time using algorithms and technology platforms.

Benefits include increased efficiency, better targeting capabilities, access to a larger pool of advertisers, and potentially higher revenue due to dynamic pricing.

Programmatic monetization supports various ad formats, including display ads, video ads, native ads, and mobile ads.

Publishers typically get paid based on various pricing models, such as cost per mille (CPM), cost per click (CPC), or cost per action (CPA), depending on the agreed-upon terms with advertisers.

Publishers can optimize revenue by experimenting with ad placements, testing different ad formats, optimizing website/app performance, and using data analytics to understand user behavior.

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