What is Ad Refresh?

What is Ad refresh?

The process of Ad Refresh is refreshing ads to serve new ads to users while they are visiting a specific web page.

From the publisher’s side of view, this allows them to increase the number of ad impressions served to users in a single session based on a specific preset trigger.

Triggers and Implementation

Triggers can be classified into three categories:

User Trigger: It is based on user navigation. If a user is viewing hidden content engaging with your CTA, you can refresh the ads.  

Event Trigger: As the name suggests, an event trigger is solely based on events initiated by the publisher.

Time Trigger: It depends on the time the user stays on the website. You are able to change the ads after some time interval.

eRGADX provides you with the best ways to implement ad refresh through:

Google Ad Manager: With the help of ad manager settings, you can declare the ad inventory that refreshes based on the above-mentioned triggers.

Header Bidding Wrappers/Sell-Side Platform: A Publisher usually people works with SSP or header bidding wrapper to run header auctions. In the meantime, SSP helps publishers by refreshing their ads with the help of proper technology.

According to Publishers and Advertisers, SSP is better compared to Google Manager as SSP let you refresh ads when a user clicks and views a particular ad. They do it by ad placement viewability and other user activities.


Generally in the early days, people used to misuse and thus made a bad reputation on the market. But now given better technology and especially improved measurement of views publishers and advertisers can increase revenue with ad refreshing. 

Some of the feedback on having a proper ad refresh:

  • Your website attracts more audience who stays long enough to get exposed to ad triggered by their behaviours.
  • eRGADX is one of the best ad-tech vendors in Bangalore which gives you the overall report of your website and provides the best refreshing technology.

As always we are here to provide you with the best results from Ad Refresh:

  • In article pages, time trigger will yield more audience than other 
  • Experimenting with ad refresh and comparing it with revenue and impressions to provided by Google Ad Refresh
  • Running A/B testing to find the optimal placements for ad refreshing.

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