eRGADX is at the forefront of revolutionizing e-paper solutions for present-day publishers. Imagine seamlessly flipping through e-papers, staying updated with instant apps on your desktop or smartphone, exploring eCatalogues, and more. These are just a preview of the cutting-edge functionalities eRGADX pledges to provide, empowering next-generation publishers with the tools to engage their audience effectively.

End to End Managed Service

eRGADX simplifies the management of all your ePaper publishing requirements. Whether it’s development, hosting, processing, management, or monetization, our team ensures a smooth experience with minimal effort on your part. We offer regular UI enhancements and guarantee top-notch service performance, making us the ideal platform for all your ePaper publishing needs.


At eRGADX, we offer ePaper services to publishers and manage reader subscriptions seamlessly, integrating them into our operations. We diligently assess and enhance our services based on reader feedback and best practices regularly recommended by publishers. With us, managing both current and potential readers is effortless, ensuring a smooth experience for all involved.

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