Products & Technology

Products & Technology.

At eRGADX, our mission is to redefine the landscape of publishing. We specialize in tailoring bespoke workflows that cater to your requirements, integrating cutting-edge tools and technologies to align seamlessly with your business objectives. As the digital publishing realm rapidly evolves, we stand as your steadfast ally, committed to realizing your visions and driving your business aspirations forward with unparalleled engagement.

Video Player

You’ve landed on the right page if you’re seeking the optimal video players to captivate users with pertinent videos and facilitate in-stream ad campaigns. Amidst a plethora of choices, selecting the ideal video player for your website can be quite a challenge. Consequently, we’ve taken the initiative to meticulously review and compile a list of top-notch video players tailored for publishers aiming to incorporate in-stream ads seamlessly.



  • Responsible for the architecture and workflow of video ads and video content
  • They provide dashboards, analytics, and better insights to a publisher
  • They offer video ad monetization tools
  • Help you generate revenue out of every video view.

Refresh Technology

Ad refreshing, or simply ad refresh, involves requesting and displaying a new advertisement within an existing ad unit. Publishers are drawn to this practice for a clear reason: it addresses a previously overlooked aspect of website monetization and app monetization: the total time users spend on a page. Ad refresh allows publishers to capitalize on this time and boost their revenue streams.



  • Enhanced and better streamlined processes
  • Provides flexibility and agility
  • Boosts productivity and scalability
  • Better maintenance and cost-efficiency

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